Company Overview


Martin Dow Pharmaceuticals is a corporate force that is positioned to create long term value for the society and its stakeholders.


  • To be one of the most admired French pharmaceutical companies
  • To be amongst the fastest growing healthcare companies
  • We build products we are proud of
  • We are passionate, agile and courageous
  • We believe that there is always a room for better
  • We focus on patients’ wellbeing and everything follows
  • We are here to improve the quality of life for the communities we serve
  • We create opportunities for all our partners to flourish

Our People and Skills

Being one of the best pharmaceutical companies in France, we believe that our employees are the most integral part of our business and the driving force behind Martin Dow pharmaceuticals. As a part of this belief, we strive for continuous development of an environment that is not only safe but healthy too for the Martin Dow Pharma family that makes it all possible. Involvement of the employees, awareness creation, and determination to do better by the people and the business helps us conduct our operations in an eco-friendly manner.

With respect to best practices pertinent to pharmaceutical contract manufacturing companies, we strive to bring betterment and efficacy to the whole operational process by sketching, initiating, and re-thinking the design and operating capabilities as to how we can better implement the workplace safety and health measures while keeping in mind all the environmental aspects.

Martin Dow focuses on eliminating steps that add to pollution, providing work safety, and following efficient processes to conserve energy.

We are allies of growth & healthy living. For us, sustainable development represents a long-term commitment to the needs of current & future generations.

Our Ethical Processes

Our processes revolve around giving preferred opportunities to our people by following the revered set of moral values and corporate standards, to conduct business in a healthy environment. The fundamental business ethics we follow emphasize on the organization’s code of corporate governance at an individual as well as organizational level. Our company as a whole & employees strive to copy the morality standards and behavioral patterns as directed by the code. The cultural environment of the organization’s operating pattern shadows the business morality and moral standards of an individual. Our ethical processes make us one of the most admired French pharmaceutical companies.

What we Believe In

Safety, Health & Environment

We consider our employees essential assets of the company and hence, focus on continuously developing and sustaining a safe and healthy environment for Martin Dow France family by ensuring employee involvement, creating awareness and commitment to conduct its operations in an environmentally responsible manner.
We focus on designing, constructing and operating facilities in a manner which ensures workplace safety and health to seek continual improvement in environmental aspects. Our manufacturing site is fully equipped with facilities to handle waste and minimize environmental pollution. At Martin Dow, we pay close attention to preventing and reducing pollution, avoiding accidents and conserving resources.
We are allies of growth & healthy living. For us, sustainable development represents a long-term commitment to the needs of current & future generations.

Customer Service

We are certified pharmaceutical contract manufacturers in Europe with the aim to provide unparalleled customer solutions worldwide. We offer timely and professional resolution of your queries so that each of your requirements is met and that no break or disturbance occurs. We understand that pre and post-sale customer service is of utmost importance and hence we focus on delivering on our commitment by ensuring that each operation is carried out smoothly.
Our customer care representatives are trained to provide personalized support to each consumer with the courtesy and professionalism expected. Our accessibility to consumers is driven by our goal to offer cost effective and efficient services and goods to them which is in line with the consumers’ satisfaction. All our efforts extend to add value to a product and to build enduring relationship with our existing and new clients.


Innovation rests at the heart of Martin Dow because we are always striving to create new standards that has been inspired by ideas or demands of consumers leading to a better and safer world. The idea or innovation can be easily replicated on all scales cost effectively through our expertise.
We challenge the limits to find out how we can better serve humanity and those that drive the change. From valuing resources to creating a new direction by better application of beneficial information, Martin Dow always accepts and extends ideas through which better products can be produced.
Our improved end products and answered expectations of the consumer are all a by-product of expertise, innovation, safety, and ethics that we follow.